UnderCover: Civil War comps

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Civil War comps

This week I've been knee deep in Civil War imagery and typography. My assignment was to design a cover for a historical novel about a young idealistic man who joins the Confederate army to fight for states' rights (and to impress the love of his life). He eventually also falls for his beloved's sister...

Not surprisingly I ran across some pretty gruesome battlefield photos. But I also found some great Flickr albums like this one as well as repository websites such as The American Civil War Photo Gallery.

I did some typographic research as well. Click here to see the MyFonts album I created. There are some really gorgeous fonts in there such as Thorowgood, Old Glory, Shady Lady, Eden, Elongated Roman, and Miss Scarlett.

Finally, here are the comps that resulted from all that research...

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