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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good review just in!

Jeff Michaels, a client of ours and author of Please Hug Me, I've Been Delayed, got a solid review in this week's ForeWord Magazine. Congrats, Jeff!

"Filled with sarcastic tips and reassurances, this book consoles discouraged airline passengers when confronting various flying mishaps. From long security lines or discoveries of delays, to inquiries about when and where to buy cheap tickets or crippling fears of a crash landing, Michaels provides a range of advice. He also discusses the history of flight (again, sarcastically), as well as recent incidents where take-off and landing crises were averted by pilots and passengers alike. If Michael’s counsel doesn’t get readers through their flights, at least it will entertain them."

Below is his final cover with illustration by the fab C. Covert Darbyshire (see his witty New Yorker cartoons here) followed by a few of my favorite rejects:

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