UnderCover: Introducing TED Books

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Introducing TED Books

This may be the future of publishing—ebooks by intellectual luminaries explaining a great idea in 20,000 words or less for a mere $2.99. As Seth Godin pointed out in a recent talk on the new dynamics of publishing, the fact that most hardcover books have been between 200 and 400 pages (and cost $24.99 for that matter) is no more than a historical accident—that's how lengthy books needed to be to be worth publishing. But that was way back in 2010. With ebooks, page count has no economic impact. As a non-fiction reader who has read many an 'idea' book that starts off strong but then just repeats itself for the last hundred pages (yes, Thomas Friedman I'm talking about you), I say, hurray!

Read more about TEDBooks here.

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