UnderCover: Texas memoir

Monday, February 28, 2011

Texas memoir

Every project has its challenges. This cover is for a fictionalized memoir that begins during the Dust Bowl and zigzags through time and the lives of three generations of rough-and-tumble Texan men. My predicament is that the author wants to make sure this novel / memoir appeals to women. She's provided me with several wonderful photos and personal belongings of the main character (her father)—which frees me to focus on type and color to conjure some 'feminine appeal' for this very manly tale...

The typeface used for this last comp is an embellished Jeeves.


  1. really enjoying your rss. nice work. comp 3 is most feminine. i imagine carol shields book covers covering the territory (among many i'm sure). Comp 2 seems best resolved, hill/hill thing etc. Cameron

  2. Thanks, Cameron. Will check out Carol Shields' work...