UnderCover: Inspiration: Alejandro Paul

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Inspiration: Alejandro Paul

Shopping for a script typeface today I came across an unusual gem. No, it was not a font, but an amazing message from Alejandro Paul, founding member of the Argentinian type foundry Sudtipos. It's in the "About this Font Family" description for his font Affair, and it begins like this:
Type designers are crazy people. Not crazy in the sense that they think we are Napoleon, but in the sense that the sky can be falling, wars tearing the world apart, disasters splitting the very ground we walk on, plagues circling continents to pick victims randomly, yet we will still perform our ever optimistic task of making some little spot of the world more appealing to the human eye. We ought to be proud of ourselves, I believe. Optimism is hard to come by these days. Regardless of our own personal reasons for doing what we do, the very thing we do is in itself an act of optimism and belief in the inherent beauty that exists within humanity...
Read Alejandro's entire statement here. You'll be glad you did.

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