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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Process on the brain

I must have 'process' on the brain lately, because everything I chance upon seems to be related to it. So I'm eating lunch and re-reading Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky—a  fantastic book on how to drive creative projects to completion. Belsky mentions Jonathan Harris as an example of a creative leader who makes his ideas a reality despite how unusual they are. I decide to google Harris and check out what a "unique hybrid of artist, intellectual, and technologist [...] best described as a storyteller and Internet anthropologist" makes, exactly. As anyone who has spent any time with me will tell you, I'm awful at names—in one ear, out the other. So imagine my dumbfoundedness at realizing that I wrote about Harris just a few days ago :0.

A few clicks later, I find myself at an even-nerdier-than-TED.com-but-just-as-marvelous video archive called Sputnik Observatory. I take quite a few moments deciphering the logo—spoiler: the name is spelled without vowels with letters inverted, go figure!—and then I click on an architect describing the design process of (yes another architect) the infamous Antoni Gaudí.  At different points in my life, I've loved and hated Gaudí's work, but after learning a little about his design process as described by Lars Spuybroek, I now find Gaudí's style much more interesting, if not necessarily more attractive.

hanging model by Antoni Gaudi ( right-side-up and upside-down)

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