UnderCover: Stop-motion animation for Pottermore.com

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stop-motion animation for Pottermore.com

Harry Potter ebooks have just been released at Pottermore.com and the publishing world is all abuzz. While I'm not a Harry Potter fan—heresy, I know!—I did enjoy the stop-motion animation in the promo video. It reminds me of the wonderful book art of Sue Blackwell.

I've searched for credits for the video, but all I could find is that TH_NK, a UK digital agency, is responsible for the overall creative execution of the website.


  1. I was wondering who was behind it too - it reminded me so much of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_jyXJTlrH0 from the New Zealand Book Council!

  2. when i first saw this video it immediately reminded me of Su Blackwell's work too

  3. It was Anderson M Studios under the direction of Simon Lloyd and Christine Turner at Adam & Eve.

  4. Hi Lisa - I absolutely loved the animation too - it's by Andersen M Studios :)

    I have an interview with one of the heads of the comms agency who are working on the Pottermore project if you're interested in finding out more :)