UnderCover: the Designer's Curse ("I could make that!")

Friday, March 5, 2010

the Designer's Curse ("I could make that!")

Like most designers, I love beautiful things. The problem with gorgeous stuff is it's often too darn expensive. It's these opposing forces—desire vs. means—that give rise to what I've dubbed the Designer's Curse: You see something gorgeous, but it's beyond your means. So you think to yourself: "I could make that!" And you go through life adding to an ever-lengthening list of the beautiful things (paintings, sculptures, posters, stickers, t-shirts, planters, pillows, sweaters, coffeetables, etc.) that you know you could make for yourself instead of buy... if you would just get around to doing so.

I've had this magazine page of a Francesco Clemente painting since 2000 (ten years!!). And last night, I finally decided that it was time to create my replica of it. I got nowhere near the original painting's gorgeous tonality, but I'm pretty happy with it. One down, millions to go...

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