UnderCover: Fitness covers

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fitness covers

My new project is a fitness book that discusses not just diet and nutrition but also stress management and other lifestyle habits that impact fitness. The author is buff and beautiful and we all agreed that featuring her on the cover makes sense especially since her brand is a personal one (note the subtitle). Happily, the portraits taken by Starla Fortunato are gorgeous. Check out her photography portfolio here.

Below are selections form my first round of cover designs. The author's team has asked for some changes, so we're not quite there yet. But they were happy with this first round.

Interestingly, the author's team physically posted all of the comps at the author's gym and solicited feedback from the members. Have you worked with clients who get crowdsourced feedback? If so, did you think the response was helpful/valid or not?


  1. This book actually covers lot of aspects which are different from Fitness, it shreds light on lifestyle habits and stress management.

  2. They are all good but my personal preference is for the last one with the sepia toned photos. Great composition, color, and type.