UnderCover: Weekend in NYC

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weekend in NYC

I had a great weekend in NYC visiting my friends and checking out the city. Here are some pics of things that caught my eye.

Times Square was thrilling. So much light and energy. I especially loved the handcrafted type used on the electronic billboard. Interesting mix of media.

I believe that the blue onesie is the best use of Comic Sans I've ever seen ;0)

The small sculpture is from Tom Otterness's Life Underground (2001) installation which features bronze sculptures emerging from the floors and playing along the ceilings of subway stations. See more photos of his tongue-in-cheek work here. Otterness said the subject of the work is "the impossibility of understanding life in New York" and describes the arrangement of the individual pieces as being “scattered in little surprises.”

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  1. Thanks for sharing this sampling of type Lisa!

    The onsie makes me laugh :-)