UnderCover: Upcoming AIGA Small Talks at Proof Advertising

Monday, February 7, 2011

Upcoming AIGA Small Talks at Proof Advertising

My next AIGA Austin Small Talks is this Wednesday. I'm always a little nervous before these events, but this time the weatherman is predicting sleet. Eeek! Here's hoping the turnout will be solid anyway!

For this e-flyer I invoked the current allure/disdain for the 1960s 'Ad Man'—by combining the Lucky Strike cigarette branding with the prototypical Madison Avenue car ad.

I love this quote from Thomas Frank's Conquest of Cool: "In this period, Madison Avenue was 'Ulcer Gulch,' the preserve of the famous 'Man in the Gray Flannel Suit'; it was the archetypal destination for look-alike commuters from Westchester; it was slow-moving, WASPy, and serious; it was populated by other-directed organization men. It was a shrine of 'Theory X' conformity, the seat of all that was wrong with American culture. Admen were hopeless yes-men, dedicated to affirming their clients' every whim." 

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